Car Maintenance Schedule Explained- When to Replace Consumable Parts

Car Maintenance Schedule Explained

Cars need regular servicing and maintenance to serve you long purpose. And, not just your car, the internal parts, and other consumables should also be paid attention to while being an owner of a car. Though most of the things are mentioned in the car manual, not everything is there, and thus you need to take your car for a servicing session. But how do you take care of the replacement and repair part of the different parts and consumables? Here, in this guide, we will throw light on when you should consider replacing the different components of your car:

Fuel filter

In order to check out the life of fuel filters, consider visiting a mechanic who can conduct a pressure test that can showcase the actual condition of the fuel filter. If you happen to find the fuel filters to be clogged, then it is always a wise idea to replace them before it starts hampering your vehicle. In general, it is said that you should change the fuel filters every 25000 miles.


The pressure of tyres should be checked every month, and based on the tread wear, consider rotating the tyres after every 5000 to 8000 miles. Also, if your car tyres wear out, consider replacing them to ensure the safety of your car.

Suspension system

The suspension system of cars should always be checked after 50000 miles or 80000km. Right from the bushings to shockers, struts and springs, get everythi8ng inspected to make sure that the suspension system of the car is working in a good state.

Air filter

Having a choked air filter is just like having a blocked nose that can make your breathing process difficult. The same is the case when you have clogged car air filters. Thus, it is imperative that you replace the air filters between 24000 to 48000km for the efficient functioning of your car. Additionally, if you take out your cars in dust frequently or reside in a dusty neighbourhood, consider changing them every 24000kms.

Transmission fluids

Lower levels of transmission fuel can adversely affect your cars and can even cause the transmission to burn. Hence, it is essential to keep an eye on the transmission fluid from time to time based on the distance it covers. In order to get an idea if the transmission fuel has to be changed, consider checking out the smell and colour of the fluid. If the transmission fluid is not good, it will turn into a dark red or dark brown colour and will also emit a burnt odour.

Transmission fluids usually last anywhere between 48000 and 160000kms in case of automatic transmissions and 48000 to 96000kms in case of a manual transmission. For old car models, you can check the transmission fluid by using a dipstick, whereas, in the new car models, one can easily check out the condition of the transmission fluid by keeping an eye on the warning light on the dashboard of your car.


The primary function of coolants is to prevent overheating of your cars during the run. But with the passage of time, the coolant’s pH level lowers with time and thus causes obstructions in proper colling of the car engine. This can also cause a loss in the corrosion controlling ability. Hence, it is always a wise idea to get the coolant replaced after every 96000kms.

Brake fluids

Brake fluids should never be overlooked as it forms an integral part of the brake system, and if contaminated, the braking system can be at risk. To keep your car brakes working properly all the time, make sure that you consider replacing the brake fluids as per the mileage count mentioned in the user manual. In general, it is recommended that you change the brake fluids every two to three years or after 32000 to 72000kms.


These were just a few parts that need to be essentially paid heed to while running your cars. But there is more to it; make sure that you always refer to the user manual for the same and take your cars for regular servicing to maintain your cars in good condition. and if you don’t have money and you have a used car then Sydney Cash For Cars can give you top dollar cash for your old car including 100% free towing from your place.