Is It Illegal To Photocopy A Driver’s License?

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Making a photocopy of your license or document containing information is considered legal if the photocopy is not for an unlawful purpose. Well, if you have thought of producing a fake license, then you are doing something illegal. Photocopying a phony permit is a crime, and it can lead to penalties of $110000 along with a 10yaer prison sentence.

You might be wondering what to do when you require a copy of the license for safekeeping for sending the information to financial institution on request. In such a case, you can own a photocopy provided that you get it certified. A certified document is considered as the actual copy of the original. This exact copy is to be witnessed by authorized individuals in the statutory declaration refgulations1993-schedule 2.


So, before, you think of making a photocopy of your license keep in mind the above piece of advice to understand the primary use of license photocopy in community document. Besides, make sure that you do not forget any print-outs of the photocopier. Instead, find a safe and secured storage space for it. The same will ensure that your personal information is not misplaced.

Well, having a photocopy of license containing all your personal information is at the time of emergency is not an issue. However, it is illegal to photocopy someone else without his or her consent.

Can I drive with a photocopy of a driver’s license?

The most common question that emerges to individuals mind is whether or not to drive with a photocopy of license. Driving without a driving license is a crime. On the other hand, the formal piece of document is of great use. The licensed number is utilized to keep a record in case of traffic rule violation.

Therefore, carrying a driving license is mandatory. Moreover, you cannot use your fake license or rather the photocopy of your consent to fool the police staff. An original permit is only accepted by the officer- in charge without any suspicion. So, the certification of license photocopy is mandatory. The same will help you attain legalization of the documents effortlessly and within no time.

Photocopy of documents is illegal unless and until the same is carried in a customized way. The photocopy is fine as long as the copyright is reserved with you.

These copyright are meant for legal use. To avoid copyright infringement, you need to make your point précised. Well, the most important thing is that copyright does not last for a more extended period. At a certain period, the document falls into the public domain

Getting the photocopy legalized is extremely important. It has the potential of avoiding high penalties and fines. So do not you want to get rid of these impositions with least effort? Well, the expected answer to it is a yes and who would want to pay such high amount uselessly.


Besides, getting the photocopy registered is a quick process. The only thing is to have the consent of designated authority who understands the print of photocopy very well. The team will help you register your unoriginal documents without inconvenience. The only thing is to make your point clear to them before presenting the photocopy.

Why is the photocopy of driver license considered to be illegal?

A photocopy of a driver license can lead to significant problems. The photocopy containing personal information about an individual can be put to use for the wrong purpose. Therefore, the photocopy is considered to be fake and illegal. The inappropriate usage of the same can get you into significant problems.

So, it is recommended to avoid the photocopy of legal documents. In case, you own or are in great need for the same then do not forget to find a safe place for the same.

Secure, you document containing information to avoid any crime. The unauthorized photocopy is not applicable, and the only alternative to it is to get it approved by any legal authority. So, without wasting any more time, just get your photocopy authorized and make effective use of it.